LPHYS'22. Technical Information:

First, please register online as a participant. When registering as a new participant for the first time, your Workshop Personal Page will be created at this time. Just proceed to the 'Register for Workshop' in the navigation bar on the left. If you participated in one or more of our previous workshops, your saved Personal Page would be retrieved from our system at registration. At this time, if needed, you can update and edit your personal information from earlier years.

After registration, please proceed to the 'Workshop Fees' page by first selecting the 'For Participants' option. Without paying the fee, the system will not allow you to submit the abstract of your presentation and provide access to the online sessions.

To submit your abstract(s), please go to your Participant's Personal Page and select the 'Abstract(s)' option in the navigation bar on the left. The system will bring you to the 'Abstracts for LPHYS'21' page, where you can prepare, upload, and edit your abstract(s) to be included in the LPHYS'22 Program after a proper peer review. On that page, you can find many important details and instructions for your submission.

Upon accepting your abstract, the heading of your talk will appear on your Seminar page (1 through 9) with the assigned date and time. Your seminar co-chairs will do all scheduling by setting dates and times for each talk. Please address all matters related to scheduling to your seminar co-chairs.

In the unlikely case that your abstract is not accepted and you had already paid your registration fee, we will refund the full amount of your payment to the account from which this payment had been made.

We will open nine uninterrupted Zoom sessions, one for each seminar, every day for the conference duration. The tenth Zoom session will be arranged for daily plenary sessions as the first meetings of the day. All seminar meetings will follow the plenary session. The format of each seminar session will be kept as closely as possible to the in-person offline format. It comes in response to the need to accommodate the talks from as many world time zones as possible. Two short "coffee breaks" will be provided each meeting day.

Zoom will use the time in Paris, France (GMT+2) as a baseline time for all LPHYS'22 sessions. The daily meetings will start each day with two or three 45 min plenary sessions followed by the individual seminar sessions. The plenary sessions will begin each day at 14:00 (2:00 pm), Paris time. Please determine the beginning time in your time zone and adjust your conference schedule accordingly.

All registered participants who paid the fee will receive the Zoom access links on their Personal Pages, nine seminar links, plus one plenary session link.

An important notice. Before starting your Zoom participation, please check the following.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact your seminar co-chairs for assistance.