LPHYS'05.    Plenary Speakers:

  1. From Coherent to Quantum Atom Optics

  2. Nonlinear Optics in Photonic Crystal Fibers: a New Regime of Light-Matter Interactions

  3. Protocols of Quantum Information Based on n-Dimensional Systems

  4. High Energy Density Plasma Physics Research with Petawatt Laser at ILE, Osaka

  5. Relativistic Optics

  6. High-Power Fiber Lasers: Progress and Opportunities

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      Johan Nilsson

      Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
  7. Superfluidity of Ultracold Atomic Gases

  8. Physics Studied by Extremely Short Pulse High Intensity Lasers: Historical Review and Future Trends

  9. Ultrafast Dynamics of Molecules and Molecular Clusters in Intense Laser Fields