Workshop History


The annual international conference on laser physics that took the name International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS') has been established in following the joint initiative of a group of leading laser scientists in the former Soviet Union under the leadership of Professor Alexander M Prokhorov, a renowned Russian laser researcher and a Nobel Prize laureate in physics.

Under the leadership of Professor Alexander M Prokhorov the following scientists stood at the forefront of the Workshop foundation:

The main idea behind the group's undertaking was to establish an annual forum for the exchange of scientific results achieved in various areas of laser research over the preceding year. Among some anticipated results of such closely held gatherings were setting up and getting underway of many new research projects in many promising directions worldwide in both theoretical and applied areas. Launching of many research groups of common interest across national borders was one of the main original purposes of the Workshop.

As a result of many years of running this international forum, a worldwide community of participants has been created. Over those years since , thousands of scholars, scientists, research administrators and students from 80 countries representing 1580 institutions and organizations have attended the conference.

The first annual International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS'92),

- , took place in the city of Dubna, Russia, at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. 30 scientists from five countries attended the first Workshop.

The first annual International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS'92)
LPHYS'92 participants, Dubna, Russia

The second annual International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS'93),

- , was held on board a luxury river boat during the Dubna/Volga River Tour, Russia. The program consisted of invited lectures followed by discussion and contributed papers presented primarily at poster sessions. More than 40 scientists from various countries attended the conference.

The third annual International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS'94),

- took place in New York City, USA, at the Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York. That year the Workshop was dedicated to the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the experimental observation of photon echo at Columbia University. The conference was entitled “Transient Coherent Phenomena”. Also, the organizers wished to emphasize the importance of international cooperation under the auspices of the United Nations the headquarters of which is locate in New York. More than 50 scientists attended the conference.

Further conferences

have been held annually in different countries all over the world. The average number of participants has continued to grow and now it ranges between 300 and 600 attendees a year.

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Countries where LPHYS took place in the past

Upcoming Workshop

The thirtieth annual International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS'22) will be held from to in the city of , , hosted by .