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Dear Collegues, This Pre-Registration Form allows you to pre-register for the LPHYS'24 as a participant. In case you are a representative of one of our Sponsors or Exhibitors please proceed to our Exhibition and Sponsoring page.
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The detailed information on each seminar can be found at

  1. Seminar 1: Modern Trends in Laser Physics
  2. Seminar 2: Strong Field & Attosecond Physics
  3. Seminar 3: Modern Trends in Biomedical Laser Applications
  4. Seminar 4: Physics and Applications of Nanolasers
  5. Seminar 5: Nonlinear Optics & Spectroscopy
  6. Seminar 6: Physics of Cold Trapped Atoms
  7. Seminar 7: Quantum Information Science
  8. Seminar 8: Fiber Optics
  9. Seminar 9: Extreme Light Technologies, Science, and Applications
  10. Seminar 10: Quantum Engineering
  11. Seminar 12: Optical Computing and Neural Networks
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