COVID-19 and LPHYS'22 Format:

In 2022, the world laser physics community celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the Annual International Laser Physics Workshop. Founded in 1992 by Professor Alexander M. Prokhorov and his school, the Workshop has become a landmark event in all achievements of modern laser physics. Over the course of its existence, thousands of laser physics scientists from all corners of the world have attended this forum representing hundreds of leading universities and laser physics organizations.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that exploded globally since 2019, LPHYS'20 in Lyon, France, had to be postponed by one year. However, despite our hopes, in 2021, the pandemic did not subside but spread in larger world areas. The Organizing Committee decided to run LPHYS'21 in a virtual online format to reflect this reality. The first entirely virtual online Workshop was held July 19-23, 2021, encompassing 13 world time zones. Three hundred twenty-six participants from 26 countries have attended the online sessions. All ten plenary lectures and hundreds of seminar talks were met with keen interest and attracted close attention from the participants.

Provided that new Covid-19 travel and gathering restrictions are lifted, the LPHYS'22 Steering, Advisory&Program, and Local Organizing committees consider running this anniversary event in a hybrid format, both in-person and, simultaneously, on Zoom. The live in-person assembly is still the same as in 2020: Lyon, France, the Lyon Catholic University. The Workshop is still to be hosted in 2022 by the Institut Lumière Matière. The offline virtual attendance will be mixed with an in-person appearance at each plenary and seminar session.

Since the world epidemic conditions are changing constantly and unpredictably, the Organizing committees set up a deadline to make the final decision on either running the Workshop in a hybrid format or switching to entirely virtual attendance, like in 2021. This deadline is set up for .

From all of the above, we really need to obtain as much information as possible on potential attendance before the set-up deadline from all our prospective participants, both in-person and virtual. This information will allow us to make proper arrangements ahead of time.

For this purpose, the LPHYS'22 Management Team opened online pre-registration on the Laser Physics Portal, where you can opt for attending either in-person in Lyon or virtually online.

At this time, we ask everyone to make a preliminary decision of whether they will be able to travel to Lyon for the in-person meeting or would prefer to stay home and attend the conference on Zoom. Once again, we would need to obtain this information before . It would take you a few minutes to click on "Pre-register Now!" in the menu on this page on the left. Then you'll be taken to your Participant Personal Page to finish your pre-registration. We very much count on your speedy response to this inquiry of the utmost importance.

After you pre-register online, please regularly visit the LPHYS' homepage to stay updated on all forthcoming announcements.

We look forward to seeing you all in Lyon in July 2022 or seeing you on our monitors there.