LPHYS'20.    Workshop Fees:

ATTENTION: Due to significant fluctuations in currency exchange rates, the amounts of Workshop fees are being updated on daily basis. This year all amounts of Workshop fees are fixed in . When sending your payment please refer to a current fee amount on the day of the payment.


Before sending your Workshop Registration Fee please register online as a participant. To register for the first time, just click on Registration Form in the navigation column on the left.

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All advanced payments (before January 1, 1970) can be made by a credit card through PayPal.

If making a payment by a card through PayPal please note that all fee amounts are shown in USD. PayPal will automatically convert the amount into a required currency and charge your credit card account accordingly.

LPHYS'20 Registration Fee payments are subject to refund.
Before making your payment please read our Registration Fee Refund Policies.

Your Registration Fee Covers

Please note that the word "invited" as applied to any presentation should have no bearing on the amount of the registration fee and other potential privileges.