LPHYS'20.    Visa Support:

Citizens of many countries do not need an entry visa to come to France. You can check whether you need a visa and all visa requirements by visiting the official visa website for France. Please note that if you already have a valid Uniform Schengen visa in your passport, issued earlier by one of the Schengen Zone countries, and this visa expires beyond the Workshop closing date, you don't need a new visa.

French consulates around the world issue entry visas to foreign citizens abroad. Many authorized local travel agencies in your country can assist with visa application and deliver the issued visa to your address. You can find more information on where and how to apply for your visa on the above website or many authorized tourist websites in your country.

If you checked the above website and determined that you need an entry visa to be able to come to France for LPHYS'20, you should obtain a Uniform Schengen short-stay visa. It is highly recommended that a tourist visa be obtained through one of the many authorized tourist agencies in your country. It is a simple timesaving application process that doesn't require an official visa support invitation letter from the host organization in France.

However, should you select a more complicated, long way of obtaining your visa, you first need to receive an invitation letter from our host organization in France Institut Lumière Matière (IML) in Lyon.

The necessary steps in obtaining your invitation letter are outlined below.

  1. Register for the Workshop by filling out and submitting a Registration Form online.
  2. Log in to your Workshop Participant Personal Page and select Edit Personal Information on the left. You need to enter or update required information and then select Visa Request on the left. On the opening page, please enter the following information:
    • dates of planned entry and departure (add a few days before and after your planned visit);
    • purpose of your visit: to attend LPHYS'20 at the Lyon Catholic University, Lyon, France;
    • the full postal address to which the invitation letter to be mailed *.
  3. Please provide similar personal data for all persons accompanying you on this trip.
  4. Invitation letter(s), when ready, will be sent to your email address in PDF.
* French consulates accept PDF copies of all supporting documents in A4 format. However, consular offices in certain countries may require an original (paper) copy of the invitation letter. Please contact the French consulate or an authorized visa agency in your country to get more information. In such a case, the original document will be mailed out to your postal address as shown. Please note that international deliveries can take more than two weeks and that ILM is unable to track the delivery progress or arrange express delivery. ILM is only able to confirm to you the date when the letter is dispatched.

After receiving your invitation letter(s) from ILM, you can apply for your visa at the French consulate in your country or in the country where you reside. Please be aware that the application requirements might vary from country to country; it might add up to two extra weeks to the process of securing your visa.

In both cases of your selection, you should print out your registration bar-coded page, which you received in an email after registering for the Workshop, and submit it with your application.

For more information or inquiries concerning your invitation letter

please write to the LPHYS'20 Management Team at lasphys20@gmail.com or lphys20@lasphys.com.