The peer-review process is managed by Astro Ltd. in conjunction with the journal's Editorial Board. All queries on the review procedure should be directed to the Staff Editor of Laser Physics.

IOP Publishing is responsible for hosting and producing the title for issues from January 2013.

Preparing your article

Please read the Author Guidelines carefully to get all the information about the technical part such as source files and figure formats, tables etc.

Before submitting your article

You are encouraged to include a list of potential reviewers who could provide an independent opinion of the article.

How to submit

Please use our Submission System to upload a single archive file (like .zip, .gz, .tar, .7z, etc.) that contains:

After filling the form and clicking the "Submit" button, you will be redirected to the page with further instructions and a confirmation will be sent to the corresponding author email address. You can always check the status of a submitted article on your Personal Page. If the manuscript does not fully comply with the requirements outlined on this page and in Author Guidelines, it will be automatically rejected. The reason for rejection is indicated in the email sent as a response to your submission. You have five attempts to submit your article properly; afterwards, your account will be blocked. The most common reasons for automatical rejection are:

In case this was your first submission, the system automatically assigns a Login and a temporary Password for you. We encourage you to change your temporary Password to a new one of your choice.

Please go to your Personal Page to make sure your article was submitted correctly. On that page, you can edit your personal information as well.

Also, make sure that our communication channels are clear and spam-free. Please contact your Internet Service Provider or an IT specialist at your workplace to make necessary adjustments should you notice any irregularities. You may test the communication channels by sending a test email from your Personal Page.

How we assess your article

After you successfully submit your article it is immediately sent to our referees (at least two for each article) and they provide their reviews and grades according to the following questionnaire (the more the number the better):

  1. Scientific soundness of the work and lack of serious scientific flaws (1-9).
  2. Scientific novelty and significance of the presented results (1-9).
  3. General interest for wider audiences (1-9).
  4. Quality of the presentation (1-9).
  5. Grammar and readability (1-9).

All information about the status of your submitted articles is available on your Personal Page only. All your email requests about your article status will be ignored. If you have any problems with signing in to your Personal Page, please contact

Copyright Transfer Agreement

After successful submission, you will receive the email with the Copyright Transfer Agreement form with further instructions. You may sign the form at any stage of the review process but keep in mind the following:

  1. The signed Copyright Transfer Agreement is effective only if the article is accepted for publication.
  2. If we do not receive the signed Copyright Transfer Agreement within a weak after the article is accepted for publication, the article will be automatically rejected without a possibility of further resubmission.

Considering the above, we kindly advise you not to delay the signing of the Copyright Transfer Agreement.

Please note that the Copyright Transfer Agreement is provided as a fillable PDF file and should be filled electronically in any suitable program (i.e. Adobe Acrobat Reader), not printed out and scanned.

Upon acceptance of your article

When accepted, your article files will be directly transferred from the Laser Physics Editorial office to IOP Publishing to produce the final version of your article for publication. Please note that the transfer is automatic and you do not need to resubmit the files independently to IOP.

The production of your article will be managed through your IOP Author Homepage. Soon after acceptance, you will be supplied with an IOP article reference number and instructions to access this page. Any queries at this stage should be directed to the IOP journal mailbox.