1. ´╗┐Atoms, Ions and Molecules in a Strong Laser Field

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  3. Non-Classical Light

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  4. Laser Cooling and Trapping

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  6. Transient Coherent Phenomena

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  7. A Special Issue in Honor of 80 Birthday of Alexander M. Prokhorov

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  8. A Special Issue in Honor of the Memory of Academician Rem V. Khokhlov

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  9. Multiphoton Phenomena. Dedicated to Professor N.B. Delone on His 70th Birth Anniversary

    Authors: S.L. Chin (Canada) and M.V. Fedorov (Russia)

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  10. Lasing without Inversion and Interference Phenomena in Atomic Systems

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  11. Bose-Einstein Condensation of Trapped Atoms

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  13. Laser Methods in Medicine and Biology

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  14. Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Alexander M. Prokhorov

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  15. Dedicated to Prof. A.M. Dykhne on His 70th Birth Anniversary

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  16. Photonic Crystals

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  17. Dedicated to Professor Herbert Walther on His 70th Birth Anniversary

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  18. Attosecond Science and Technologies

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  19. Dedicated to Professor Joseph H. Eberly on His 70th Birth Anniversary

    Authors: M.V. Fedorov (Russia), B.W. Shore (USA) and K. Wodkiewicz (Poland)

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  20. Plasma, Beams and Lasers. Dedicated to Professor Gennady A. Mesyats on His 70th Birth Anniversary

    Authors: S.D. Korovin (Russia), V.N. Ochkin (Russia) and M.I. Yalandin (Russia)

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  21. Laser Methods in Biology and Medicine

    Authors: V.S. Bagnato (Brazil), S.A. Gonchukov (Russia), V.I. Konov (Russia) and J. Lademann (Germany)

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  22. Charles M. Bowden Memorial Issue

    Authors: J.E. Sipe (Canada), M. Scalora (USA) and A.M. Zheltikov (Russia)

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  23. Quantum Information and Quantum Computation

    Authors: M. Genovese (Italy), S. Kulik (Russia), L.Ch. Kwek (Singapore) and Ch. Macchiavello (Italy)

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  24. Laser-Cluster Interactions

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  25. Quantum Optics, Laser Physics and Spectroscopy. in Honor of the Memory of Professor Herbert Walther

    Authors: S.N. Bagayev (Russia), Th.W. Hänsch (Germany), G. Leuchs (Germany) and L.J. Wang (Germany)

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  26. Nanophotonics and Nanotechnologies

    Authors: C. Sibilia (Italy), K. Sakoda (Japan) and A.M. Zheltikov (Russia)

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  27. Physics of Cold Trapped Atoms

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  28. In Memory of Professor Vladilen S. Letokhov

    Authors: V. I. Balykin (Russia) and E. A. Ryabov (Russia)

    Laser Phys.20, 1 (2010)