LPHYS'17.    Accommodation:

As a participant of the twenty sixth annual International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS'17) you have the opportunity to secure your hotel accommodation in Kazan making your reservation at the following hotels:

All meetings at LPHYS'17, including registration, opening and closing sessions, plenary sessions, seminars and poster sessions will take place at Korston Club Hotel.

The LPHYS'17 Organizing Committee signed up the local travel agency Persona Grata to assist with arranging additional accommodations and to provide other needed services, such as transfer from the airport, sightseeing tours, etc.

Persona Grata has obtained special accommodation rates at the above six hotels for the LPHYS'17 guests and their families. If you wish to book your hotel in Kazan through Persona Grata please read carefully their terms and conditions below.

Please be advised that you can book your room at these six hotels directly without the assistance of Persona Grata by contacting their respective reservation offices directly. In that case you may be bound by different room rates, terms and conditions at each hotel.

Persona Grata will arrange the transportation to and from the Korston Club Hotel for all LPHYS'17 participants on a daily basis.

Please note that there are many other fine hotels in the center of Kazan close to Korston Club Hotel where you can make your reservations on an individual basis.

Also, Persona Grata is capable to arrange private apartment accommodations in the center of Kazan in near proximity of Korston Club Hotel. To ascertain this option you should contact Persona Grata Accommodation Office directly.

Warning! Unauthorized Hotel Reservation Companies Contacting LPHYS'17 participants.

It has come to our attention that some unauthorized hotel placement agencies have been contacting our participants, identifying themselves as being affiliated with LPHYS'17 and making various kinds of offers for hotel accommodation in Kazan during the time of the conference. Such "offers" can be "unpublished rates", "special" discounts, etc.

We affirm that these organizations and their activity are not affiliated with the LPHYS'17 Organizing Committee. In fact, we have had reports that many of these agencies are scamming people by adding on undisclosed service charges, excluding VAT and other applicable fees, and applying other questionable business practices. Please note that LPHYS'17 does not provide them with any contact information.

Persona Grata is the only agency engaged and authorized by the LPHYS'17 Organizing Committee to provide accommodation services for LPHSY'17 participants.

To Make a Reservation through Persona Grata

To make a reservation at the above six hotels through the Persona Grata agency please login to your Participant Personal Page and select the "Hotel Booking" option in the navigation bar on the left. This page becomes available only after you register for the conference. On the opened page you can fill out the Hotel Request Form and submit it for processing. Within a short time you will receive a confirmation from Persona Grata with detailed instructions of how to make a payment. After the payment has been made you will receive a hotel voucher to be presented at the hotel reception desk upon arrival.

Please be advised that the payment methods at Persona Grata are limited to two options which will be provided in their confirmation letter:

Please note that you can always go directly to a desired hotel reservation office and make your reservation online directly without filling out the Hotel Request Form. In that case the Persona Grata group rates and terms will not apply.

Also please note that if you have to apply for an entry visa to Russia you might be asked to present a copy of your hotel voucher at the time of application.

Persona Grata Terms and Cancellation Policy

If you made your reservation through Persona Grata agency the following terms and cancellation policy will apply:

For Korston hotels

For other hotels

Persona Grata Reservation Office Contact:

Office hours: 9:00-18:00 (local time), open daily